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Survival in todayís agricultural risk environment involves managing all resources together and giving attention to the interactions between these resources.  The Risk and Resilience in Agriculture materials are designed with the purpose of helping agricultural producers develop individual and family strategies to best deal with todayís agricultural business environment.  

The basis of developing a good strategy is to understand a firmís individual strengths and weaknesses and the feasible alternatives available to the operation.  The key to the Risk and Resilience in Agriculture program is to provide tools for agricultural managers and families to assess their risk or resilience within production, marketing, financial, legal and human resources.  Once an assessment is completed, action items can be planned out and implemented to move the operation to resiliency in todayís business environment.

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Table of Contents

Section 1. Introduction

Article 1.1 An Introduction to Risk in Agriculture

Article 1.2 Testing Your Risk Management Knowledge

Article 1.3 Defining Risk and a Framework for Moving Towards Resilience in Agriculture

Section 2. Production Risk

Article 2.1 Managing Your Production Risk: An Overview of the Tools You Can Use

Article 2.2 Partial Budgeting

Article 2.3 Enterprise Budgeting

Article 2.4 Enterprise Diversification: Will it Reduce Your Risk?

Article 2.5 Choosing the Right Enterprise Mix to Reduce Your Risk: A Case Example in Wyoming's Big Horn Basin

Article 2.6 Things to Think About When Trying Something New in Your Operation

Article 2.7 Crop Insurance as a Tool

Article 2.8 From Risk to Resilience in Agriculture: The Production Resource

Section 3. Marketing Risk

Article 3.1 Why Marketing?

Article 3.2 Producer Marketing Management: Primer on Agricultural Options

Article 3.3 Understanding and Using Basis - Grains

Article 3.4 Understanding and Using Basis for Livestock Producer Marketing Management

Article 3.5 From Risk to Resilience in Agriculture: The Marketing Resource

Section 4. Financial Risk

Article 4.1 Rural Financial Trends: How Are Lenders and Interest Rates Changing?

Article 4.2 Fundamentals of Investment Analysis

Article 4.3 Preparing a Balance Sheet

Article 4.4 Preparing an Income Statement

Article 4.5 Preparing a Cash Flow Statement

Article 4.6 Financial Management and Analysis

Article 4.7 From Risk to Resilience in Agriculture: The Financial Resource

Section 5. Legal Risk

Article 5.1 The New Millennium in Agricultural Contracting -- New Complexities Require Producers to Get Back to Basics

Article 5.2 Wrestling with Federal Environmental Laws Affecting Western Agriculture: A Selected Overview

Article 5.3 Estate Planning: An Overview

Article 5.4 From Risk to Resilience in Agriculture: The Legal Resource

Section 6. Human Risk

Article 6.1 Ranching and Farming with Family Members

Article 6.2 Managing Anger Through Effective Family Meetings

Article 6.3 Managing Stress and Strain on the Farm or Ranch

Article 6.4 The Influence of Personality on Risk Management Decisions

Article 6.5 From Risk to Resilience in Agriculture: The Human Resource

Section 7. Putting It All Together

Article 7.1 Strategic Planning for Risk Management

Article 7.2 From Risk to Resilience in Agriculture: An Action Plan

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